Oracle find a constraint

Oracle find a constraint

In Oracle, you can use the "DBA_CONSTRAINTS" view to find a specific constraint on a table. The "DBA_CONSTRAINTS" view contains information about all constraints in the database, including their name, type, and the table they are associated with.
To find a specific constraint, you can use the following query:

SELECT constraint_name, constraint_type, table_name
FROM dba_constraints
WHERE constraint_name = 'your_constraint_name'

Replace "your_constraint_name" with the actual name of the constraint you are looking for. This query will return the name, type, and table name of the constraint that matches the specified name.
You can also use the "ALL_CONSTRAINTS" view instead of "DBA_CONSTRAINTS" to find constraints that the current user owns or has been granted access to. You can also use the USER_CONSTRAINTS view to find the constraints that are owned by the current user. Additionally, you can use the following query to get the details of the constraint like columns, check condition, etc:

FROM all_constraints
WHERE constraint_name = 'your_constraint_name'

Please note that the DBA_CONSTRAINTS and ALL_CONSTRAINTS views are in the SYS schema, so you need the appropriate access privileges.

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