Oracle SQL Developer multiple table views

Oracle SQL Developer multiple table views
In Oracle SQL Developer, you can create a multiple-table view by joining multiple tables in a single SELECT statement and then saving the result as a view.
The basic syntax for creating a view is as follows:

SELECT column1, column2, ...
FROM table1
JOIN table2
ON table1.column = table2.column

For example, to create a view that combines information from the "employees" and "departments" tables, you could use the following query:

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW employee_departments AS
SELECT first_name, last_name, department_name
FROM employees
JOIN departments
ON employees.department_id = departments.department_id;

This will create a view named "employee_departments", which contains each employee's first_name, last_name and department_name. Once the view is created, you can use it like a regular table in your queries. For example, to retrieve all the information in the view, you can use the following query:

SELECT * FROM employee_departments;

You can also use the view in other SQL statements, such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. It's worth noting that you can also create views based on a combination of other views or subqueries. Also, you can use the view to join more tables or apply more filtering to the data. You can also edit the view by using the "CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW" statement with the new SELECT statement you want to use.

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